Russell Speeder's Car Wash

Job Description

Position: Loader

Locations: Toledo, OH 


Who is Minuteman Car Wash?

We All Are! We've got the absolute finest group of associates ever assembled!

We have exciting opportunities popping up all the time.

As a new associate we can state that you will feel comfortable, that you'll be working with colleagues you'll like and trust.



Simple. Our services are helping to redefine the world of car washing industry, our company is filled with great people who want to succeed. Togerther, our teams build customers and earn a livelihood. And we strive to do it better than anybody else out there.

We are seeking a Loader for our Toledo facility.

The Loader position is basically the conductor of the car wash, making sure all vehicles are being processed efficiently.

Creates a positive impression on team & customers.

Acts in Professional manner.

Points to directional sign; neutral, no-brake, no steering while watching the customer to insure directions are followed.

Smiles at customer and does thumbs up after guest is in neutral with no brakes

Determines prep by visual inspection and does not over prep the vehicle.



Passionate associates and we're helping them make it happen. The work requires focused, driven people who are not afraid of change and who are interested in building something outstanding. No matter what the position is, you'll be involved. We work together to build an outstanding company.


We're passionate about what we do. Our business disciplines lead to our fundamental success.


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